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“Methods on the Move” with Professor Maggie O’Neill

“Methods on the Move: Experiencing and Imagining Borders, Risk & Belonging” is the title of Professor Maggie O’Neill’s research project as part of her Leverhulme Research Fellowship with a specific focus on borders, risk and belonging. On the 22nd March, she... Continue Reading →


Adult Relationships Outside the “Sexual Family” Paradigm: A Socio-Legal Project

This post was contributed by Frederik Swennen, honorary research fellow at the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (Birkbeck Gender & Sexuality). The contributor wishes to thank Daniel Monk of the Birkbeck School of Law, and Madisson Brown, BISR’s manager. A podcast with... Continue Reading →

Food Sharing Activism in London: a preliminary reflection on collaborative participant observation

  From January until beginning of April 2017, I have been Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Social Research, Birkbeck. On March 15th, 2017 I had the pleasure to be invited to give a seminar at the Food Study... Continue Reading →

Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat: Human Dignity and Biophysical Violence

On 29 March 2017, Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) presented speaker Dr Vicki Squire from the University of Warwick to talk on “Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat: Human Dignity and Biophysical Violence”. As a scholar working in the... Continue Reading →

British Caricature and Queer Fashioning (1750-1900)

On 16 January 2017, Birkbeck Gender & Sexuality (BiGS), hosted a public lecture by Professor Dominic Janes on British Caricature and Queer Fashioning 1750-1900. Here, Kathryn Hallam-Howard, a History of Art student at Birkbeck reflects on the event. One of... Continue Reading →

Leading the Way: English Women Doctors and Contraception in Transnational Perspective (1930-1970)

BISR Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Caroline Rusterholz, discusses her research on English women doctors. “It is surely time that members of the medical profession should cease to make such rash statements about birth control and should weigh this matter from... Continue Reading →

Revolutions in a Warming World: Lessons from Syria

On 14 November 2016, the BISR Population, Environment and Resources Working Group hosted a talk on ‘Revolutions in a Warming World’: Lessons from Syria’ by Andreas Malm, Lund University. Here, Jonas Dudonis, an MSc student at Birkbeck, reflects on the talk.... Continue Reading →

Births, Deaths and Democracy

On 7 November 2016, the BISR Population, Environment and Resources Working Group hosted a talk on ‘The Demographic Basis of Democratization’ by Professor Tim Dyson from the London School of Economics. Here Rachel Pinto, an MSc student at Birkbeck, reflects... Continue Reading →

Risk and Vulnerability in Prison Populations – a Global Crisis

On 21 October, the BISR in collaboration with the Institute for Criminal Policy Research hosted a colloquium to discuss Risk and Vulnerability in Prison Populations. Here, Carmel Kavanagh, an intern at the ICPR, reflects on the discussion. On 3 November, the... Continue Reading →

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