This blog is run by the Birkbeck Institute interns who are all PhD Researchers from the schools of Arts, Law, and Social Sciences, History and Philosophy at Birkbeck. The blog acts as an archive of the events, research, and work of those associated with the BIH. The interns regularly write posts or invite guest bloggers to offer their reflections on our public programme. We also invite our collaborators on various workshops, conferences and other public events to share their thoughts with us here.

The Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) is the focal point for social research at Birkbeck, and a hub for the dissemination and discussion of social research in London and beyond. Bringing together academic staff and research students from three Schools (ArtsLaw and Social Sciences, History and Philosophy), our distinctively critical and socially-engaged approach to social research is organised around five themes, each of which has a global/comparative dimension:

  • social, psychosocial and feminist theory and methods
  • social movements, citizenship, policy and participation
  • subjectivity, intimacy, life-course and home
  • place, nation and environment
  • media, culture, communication and learning

We work within and across the disciplines of sociology, geography, politics, history, law, applied linguistics, communication and media studies, anthropology, education and social policy, and we have particularly strong commitments to the transdisciplinary fields of psychosocial studies, gender, sexuality and queer studies, development and post-colonial studies.