The theme for the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research this year is ‘Crossing Borders’. It is an injunction to think the social, cultural, and philosophical impact of the planetary entrenchment of physical and symbolic boundaries; and an urgent call to produce forms of imaginative and concrete solidarity that might prove capable of circumventing national and supra-national barriers. This blog aims to promote, relay, and disseminate the coruscating and committed work completed under the auspices of BISR and in response to ‘Crossing Borders’. Updated regularly, the blog will splice together elements of a traditional newsletter with research ‘capsules’ and interviews with associated faculty, researchers, and visiting speakers. Providing a constellation of upcoming lectures, seminars, and workshops, the blog’s goal is to make BISR’s range of events and intellectual community navigable. Throughout the year each of BISR’s working groups—Birkbeck Food Group; Gender Equality Policy and Practice (GEPP), Guilt; Population, Environment and Resources (PER); and Psychoanalysis—will publish topical and timely interventions. The blog will additionally support the Birkbeck Graduate Conference, listing practical information about the conference, as well as engaging with its themes, and profiling its keynote speakers.

A comment on the style of the blog: posts will tend towards a punctual, fragmentary, and speculative form, dramatizing the ongoing nature of research produced at the Institute. Entries will engage with the five key themes of the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research:

  • Social, Psychosocial and Feminist Theory and Methods.
  • Social Movements, Citizenship, Policy and Participation.
  • Subjectivity, Intimacy, Life-Course and Home.
  • Place, Nation and Environment.
  • Media, Culture, Communication and Learning.

BISR is committed to fostering cross-disciplinary debate, critical thinking and collaborative research agendas aimed at developing expertise and innovation in social research. This blog is intended as an online, digital pendant to BISR’s project, extending the Institute’s work and provoking new forms of engagement with the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research.

The blog is run by the interns at the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research:

Senjuti Chakraborti

Wang Chenyang

Gunes Tavman

Thomas Travers