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Hello, We are the new Birkbeck Institute Interns. Together, we will be working with the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities (BIH), the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) and Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality (BiGS) and across the departments at Birkbeck to coordinate events, publish... Continue Reading →

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Myths of Menopause

French medicine of the turn of the nineteenth century invented menopause. Invented, that is, in the sense of a new word and concept that radically impacts corporeal experience and helps to form a new bio-psycho-social construct. It was first proposed... Continue Reading →

Visualizing Sex Research

A Birkbeck Symposium on the “Visual Archives of Sexology” 2 December 2017 How and why have images been used historically to support the scientific study of human sexuality? What does it mean to speak of a “visual archive” of sexology... Continue Reading →

Morbid Love in Late Nineteenth-Century France: Between Decadence and Degeneration

During a recent frosty evening, BiGS (Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality) visiting fellow Dr. Alison Moore gave a talk about the term ‘morbid love’ during late nineteenth century France. The event was kindly chaired by Dr. Tanya Serisier from the School... Continue Reading →

Exhibition: Conceiving Histories

Neatly tucked away in the School of Arts is a curious art collection that becomes increasingly eerie as you circle the petite space that is the Peltz Gallery. Grainy images, distorted photo-shoots of masked women and foreboding papier-mâché models of... Continue Reading →

The New Nationalism: The Rise of the Populist Right in the West

On Wednesday 8 November a panel came together at the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) to explore the rise of the populist right in Western Europe and North America. The panel was chaired by Birkbeck’s Professor Eric Kaufmann, and the... Continue Reading →


This blog post was written by Ana Carolina Minozzo, a PhD candidate at the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck, University of London. She has been lecturing on theory and contextual studies at the London College of Fashion, University of... Continue Reading →

Mapping the Role of ‘Transnational Family Habitus’ in the Lives and Identity of Black Minority Ethnic Young People

On 5 June 2017, Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) hosted a public lecture by Professor Tracey Reynolds on Mapping the Role of ‘Transnational Family Habitus’ in the Lives and Identity of Black Minority Ethnic Young People. In this lecture,... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Bluebeard’s Castle: The Whistleblowers Colloquium

On Saturday 10 June 2017, the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) Guilt Group, in conjunction with the Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life, convened its fourth annual colloquium. It was devoted to whistleblowers. In previous years,... Continue Reading →

“Methods on the Move” with Professor Maggie O’Neill

“Methods on the Move: Experiencing and Imagining Borders, Risk & Belonging” is the title of Professor Maggie O’Neill’s research project as part of her Leverhulme Research Fellowship with a specific focus on borders, risk and belonging. On the 22nd March, she... Continue Reading →

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